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    ECP Prez Day Weekend

    By ECP 02/21/2018, 10:15am EST

    ECP PrezDay Weekend

    What a successful weekend for EC Power! We are proud of the way each and every team represented our club this weekend! From the snowy hills of Allentown, down to the sunny skies of Jacksonville, up to the windy city of Chicago, and all the way out to the beautiful mountains of Salt Lake City, we had a fabulous showing by all of our teams. With so many teams to recognize and celebrate, here are our division winners and runner-ups. Way to go girls! We are #ECPproud

    EC Power 18 Winners:

    Congratulations to 18-Sapphire who wins Gold at the Prez Day Classic, going undefeated the entire weekend! 18-Crystal, 18-Pearl and 18-Regal all finished top 5!

    18-Velvet of Bucks won the Silver division at the Prez Day Classic in Allentown!

    EC Power 17 Winners:

    It was an all-ECP Final with 17-Titanium winning Gold at the Prez Day Classic, and with 17-Chrome coming in 2nd place!

    EC Power 16 Winners:

    16-Carolina takes the Gold at the Prez Day Classic, with 16-Cadet finishing 3rd.

    EC Power 14/15 Winners:

    It was almost an all-ECP semifinal and final with 15-Mystic coming out on top, and 14-Ocean as their runner-ups! 14-Iceberg finished 3rd.

    EC Power 13/14 Winners:

    13-Sky took home the Gold title at the Prez Day Classic. 14-Wave, 14-Coastal, and 14-Glacier all finished top 5!

    EC Power 12 Winners:

    Congratulations to 12-Periwinkle for winning the gold in a 3-set thriller at the Prez Day Classic!


    Check out team pictures from this weekend on ECP Facebook

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