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East Coast Power Teams Shine at USAV Nationals

By ECP Results Team, 07/07/19, 11:45PM EDT


INDIANAPOLIS -- East Coast Power teams posted a number of golden performances at USAV Nationals, including a 3rd place podium finish by ECP Delaware's 17-Granite.

Winning a bid to USAV Nationals is an accomplishment in itself, and it was a record setting year for East Coast Power and East Coast Power Delaware, which sent a total of 10 teams from the Keystone Region and two teams from the Chesapeake Region to volleyball's premier national competition.

In addition to ECP Delaware 17-Granite's fantastic 3rd place finish, other notable performances included East Coast Power's strongest performance yet in Open competition by 18-Royal KOP. (The Open division is the highest level of competition.) ECP also posted gold-bracket finishes by 15-Mystic LV (11th place, 15-National) and 14-Ocean KOP (13th place, 14-National.) Finishing in the gold bracket means these teams posted stayed in the top half of the 48-team competition, playing only the best teams in the country during the four-day tournament.

All of our high school teams also posted excellent performances. 17-Steel KOP placed 29th in 17-National competition. 16-Delaware DE rallied to a 21st place finish. 16-Empire KOP (27 place, 16-National) played like champions throughout the tournament but fell into an unlucky 3-way tie after a grueling day of competition that knocked it out of gold bracket contention.

In 18s competition 18-Sapphire LV finished 25th in the National division, and 18-Royal  KOP finished 29th in Open competition, our highest-ever finish in 18 Open competition.

Here's a list of ECP teams that won bids to USAV Nationals.

18-Royal KOP (Open)
18-Sapphire LV (National)
18-Crystal LV (American)
17-Steel KOP (National)
17-Granite DE (National)
16-Empire KOP (National)
16-Delaware DE (National)
15-Mystic LV (National)
14-Ocean KOP (National)
13-Sky KOP (American)
12-Periwinkle KOP (National )
12-Denim Lehigh (American)

Congratulations to all of our teams for representing East Coast Power so well on the national stage.

Congratulations to Lehigh's 15-Mystic, who played with the best of the best at USAV Nationals and ended in the top tier of finishers in 13th place. Their journey included four epic three-set matches and a big win against the #7 seed on the first day of pl

17-Granite stands atop the podium at USAV Nationals to receive 3rd place medals.

14-Ocean battled to a fantastic 13th place finish in the gold bracket of the 14-National division, the highest finish ever for an ECP 14U team..

16-Empire KOP played like champions and came THIS close to a gold bracket finish but got knocked out by an unlucky 3-way tie.

13-Sky played in the American division of USAV Nationals.

17-Steel KOP placed 29th at USAV Nationals.

18-Royal won its Open bid at the Northeast Qualifier and finished 29th in USAV 18-Open competition, the strongest Open division finish for our club.

12-Periwinkle KOP had a great tournament, taking three teams to hard-fought tiebreak sets. Great job ladies and coaches Dawn and Emily for continuing Team Periwinkle's winning tradition!

Our small but mighty 12-Denim team wowed us when they qualified for the USAV Nationals American Division during the Keystone Region bid tournament. USAV Nationals was the teams' first multi-day tournament, and they made the most of the experience. We know