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Raleigh, Rumbles and Gold

By ECP Results Team, 03/14/17, 5:15PM EDT


East Coast Power Teams played another great weekend of volleyball at tournaments in Raleigh, Lancaster and Lehigh Valley, bringing home three more gold medals and one silver.

15-Mystic wins gold at the Irish Rumble

Raleigh Rundown

15-True takes top honors at the Mid-Atlantic Power League in Raleigh, making it all the way to gold playoffs of the Blue division (14U-16U teams) before getting knocked out by eventual Blue Division champion Metro 15 Travel.

17-Titanium also had an excellent tournament, placing 15th overall in the tough Black division, which includes 16U-18U teams.  The tournament ended in exciting fashion for our 17-Steel and 17-Cobalt teams, who faced each other in the final match, which ended in a tough 16-14 tiebreak with Steel eking out the win.  Great job 17s. That was one terrific match by both teams!

Shout out to 14-Ocean, our first 14s team to ever compete at MAPL-Raleigh, where it competed against 14U, 15U and 16U teams. Congrats on your tiebreak win over 16 Bay Area Volleyball Academy of Maryland!


16-Carolina wins gold at the Bulldog Rumble 16s

MAPL-Raleigh Results

Team Place/Division
15-True 5th (Blue)
17-Titanium 13th (Black)
16-Liberty 25th (Blue)
17-Steel 25th (Black)
17-Cobalt 27th (Black)
16-Empire 35th (Black)
14-Ocean 37th (Blue)
15-Electric 53rd (15-Electric)

Bulldogs and Rumble

ECP owned the competition in two big KRVA events, the Bulldog series at DeSales and the Irish Rumble in Lancaster.

Bulldog Clash 12s
12-Periwinkle won it's 5th gold medal in a row at Bulldog, a great winning streak at any age level! 

Bulldog Clash 13s
13-Horizon - 3rd

Bulldog Rumble 14s
13-Sky - 2nd
13-Galaxy - 3rd
14-Iceberg - 3rd

Bulldog Rumble 16s
16-Carolina - 1st
16-Columbia - 3rd

Irish Rumble
15-Mystic - 1st!
15-Rhapsody - 8th
(Silver medal in silver bracket)
16-Soldier - 14th

12-Periwinkle takes gold at the Bulldog Clash at Desales, the team's 5th gold in five tournaments

15-Rhapsody wins silver in the silver bracket at the 2-day Irish Rumble