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17-Cobalt Clinches USA Bid; ECP Ends Qualifier Season with 11 Bids to USAV Nationals!!!

By ECP Results Team, 04/18/17, 8:45AM EDT


In its most successful qualifier season ever, ECP wins 11 bids to USAV nationals including four bids earned at national qualifiers.

National qualifiers are the toughest tournaments our teams play each year, facing some of the country's strongest teams from California, Texas and Florida. But ECP teams rose to the challenge, posting top 10 finishes at qualifiers 22 times during the 2017 season -- a remarkable accomplishment on the national stage. Congratulations to all of our teams on a terrific qualifier season.

East Coast Power Volleyball will be sending 10 girls teams and one boys team to USAV Nationals, following it's most successful ever qualifier season. ECP swept the KRVA bid, taking home one or more bids in every age group. Our teams won four more bids at national qualifiers. 

In Open qualifier competition, the toughest division, 18-Royal won the Florida 18s qualifier. 14-Ocean and 13-Sky deserve special mention for top 5 Open finishes at the NEQ. And 14-Nitro won an Open bid at the Boys Atlantic Northeastern Qualifier in Harrisburg.

In USA qualifier competition, 18-Diamond won the Boston Volleyball Festival. 17-Cobalt also was outstanding in USA, winning a 3rd place bid at NEQ and placing 5th at the tough Big South Qualifier. Other top 5 finishes in USA competition include 14-Iceberg and 15-Dynamic, who placed 4th and 5th respectively at the NEQ.

In the American division, 18-Topaz and 13-Galaxy get Top 5 recognition for their finishes at Boston Volleyball Festival and NEQ.

17-Cobalt celebrates winning a tough 3rd place match and a USA bid at the NEQ

Here's a roundup of how ECP teams performed at 8 national qualifiers this year in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston, Nashville, Jacksonville and Harrisburg. 

Congratulations to all of the players, coaches and parents who are the heart and soul of East Coast Power Volleyball. Whether you placed 1st or last or somewhere in between, your hard work and sportsmanship have represented ECP well on the national stage. We are proud of all of our teams.

Northeast Qualifier #1

15-True:  7th Open
15-Dynamic: 5th USA
15-Mystic: 9th USA

15-Electric: 21st USA
15-Cool: 53rd USA
15-Rhapsody: 56th American
15-Rock: 68th American

14-Ocean: 4th Open
14-Iceberg: 4th USA

14-Wave: 15th USA
14-Coastal: 27th USA

13-Sky: 5th Open
13-Galaxy: 5th American

13-Midnight: 19th American
13-Horizon: 23rd American
13-Cosmic: 50th American

12-Periwinkle: 6th National



Northeast Qualifier #2

16-Empire: 9th Open
16-Columbia: 9th USA
16-Liberty: 9th USA

16-Honor: 19th USA
16-Patriot: 21st American
16-Carolina: 33rd USA
16 -Navy: 37th American
16-Federal: 41st USA
16-Colonial: 87th American
16-Soldier: 87th American

17-Cobalt: 3rd USA
17-Chrome: 21st American
17-Titanium: 19th Open
17-Steel: 22nd Open
17-Sterling: 29th American
17-Platinum: 30th USA
17-Iron: 39th USA


Other Qualifiers

Big South-Atlanta
17-Cobalt: 5th USA

Music City Qualifier-Nashville
18-Diamond: 5th USA

Boston Volleyball Festival
18-Diamond: 1st USA
18-Topaz: 5th American
18-Royal: 7th Open
18-Sapphire: 9th USA
18-Regal: 10th American

18-Pearl: 15th USA

Florida National Qualifier-Jacksonville
18-Royal: 1st Open
18-Diamond:  8th USA

NEQ 18s
18-Royal: 13th Open

Boys Atlantic Northeastern Qualifier-Harrisburg
14-Nitro - 3rd Open