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April Rains Gold and Silver on ECP Teams

By ECP Results Team, 04/30/17, 9:00AM EDT


15-True wins Gold at Muhlenberg 16s

16-Columbia wins April Rain 16s


Tournament Team
4/1 Surge 13s 12-Periwinkle
4/8 April Rain 16s 16-Columbia
4/9 April Rain 18s 18-Diamond
4/22 Bulldog Classic 15O 15-Mystic
4/22 April Showers 12s 12-Periwinkle
4/22 ECP Volley Like a Rockstar 13-Galaxy
4/29 Marauder 17O Spring Fling 17-Titanium
4/29 Muhlenberg 14O Spring Fling 14-Iceberg
4/30 Stoga Shootout 14s 13-Galaxy
4/30 Muhlenberg Girls 16 Open Spring Fling 15-True


Tournament Team
4/1 ECP Flower Power 12s 12-Powder
4/1 Surge 18s 17-Iron
4/1 Nook Spring Fling 16s 16-Carolina
4/22 Bulldog Classic Girls 15 Open 15-Dynamic
4/22 April Showers 12s 12-Denim
4/29 Marauder VIP Girls 15 Open 14-Ocean
4/30 Stoga Shootout 14s 13-Sky

13-Galaxy wins the 14s Stoga Shootout and Volley Like a Rockstar 13s

12-Periwinkle wins Surge 13s

17-Titanium wins Muhlenberg Spring Fling

18-Diamond enjoys a sweet victory after winning gold at April Rain 18s, the last KRVA tournament of their club careers

16-Carolina takes silver at Nook Spring Fling

17-Iron takes silver at Surge 18s