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ECP Teams Heat Up a Chilly Challenge Weekend!

By ECP Results Team, 01/22/19, 1:15PM EST


It was cold outside, but that didn't stop our teams from heating up the ECP Challenge Courts in Philadelphia and KOP!

PHILADELPHIA - East Coast Power Volleyball welcomed more than 200 teams to the new ECP Challenge, now the premier MLK weekend tournament on the East Coast. 

The tournament, previously called the ECP Invitational and before that the PVA Invitational, has always stood out as one of the top MLK weekend events, drawing the region's top clubs including Metro, Pitt Elite and Academy Long Island.  It's the consistently strong performance of our ECP teams that keeps the best clubs coming back -- they know they always will find strong competition that makes the trip worthwhile. In past years, we've had to turn away a number of good teams and even some of our own teams, so we are thrilled the growth of the tournament has given everyone the opportunity to play at this fun event.

Here's a look at the top finishes in each division and some photos of ECP teams over the weekend. (Plus bonus results from our 18s in Nashville!)


Gold: ECP 12-Periwinkle (KOP)
Silver: Delaware United
Bronze: ECP DE 12-Hen (Delaware)

Notable Finishes: Congratulations to 12-Powder (5th-KOP), 12-Poppy (6th-Bucks) and 12-Neon (8th-Storm) for great efforts.

12-Periwinkle won the 12-Open-American ECP Challenge Championship!

12-Hen celebrates a point on its way to a bronze finish at ECP Challenge

Gold: Virginia Jrs 13-Elite
Silver: Revolution-Pittsburgh
Bronze: Columbia Eagles 13-1
Notable Finish: 5th place - ECP 13-Twilight (Storm) and 7th place ECP 13-Eclipse (Bucks)

13-Twilight finished 5th at the ECP Challenge!


Gold: Metro 13 Travel
Silver: ECP 13-Sky (KOP)
Bronze: NYC Jrs
Notable Finish: 6th place - ECP DE 13-Atomic (Delaware) and 7th place ECP 13-Galaxy (Lehigh)

13-Sky placed 2nd in the 13-Open division of the ECP Challenge

14-Splash adds some flair to working a court at the ECP Challenge

ECP Delaware 14-Freeze stands for the National Anthem at the ECP Challenge

Gold: Revolution 14-White
Silver: Sparks 14-Blue
Bronze: ECP 14-River (Bucks)
Notable Finish: 4th-ECP 14-Splash (KOP), 5th-ECP 14-Bayou (Susquehanna), 6th-ECP 14-Surf (KOP)

Gold: Sparks 14-Elite
Silver: ECP 14-Coastal (Susquehanna)
Bronze: ECP 14-Tidal (Bucks)
Notable Finish: 5th place - ECP 14-Glacier (Lehigh)

ECP 14-Coastal placed 2nd in 14-Challenge competition

14-Ocean placed 2nd in 14-Open Competition at the ECP Challenge







Gold: Metro 14 Travel 
Silver: ECP 14-Ocean (KOP)
Bronze: Brandywine Backlash
Notable Finish: 6th place - ECP 14-Iceberg (Lehigh)

ECP 14-Iceberg at the ECP Challenge, 6th Place 14-Open competition

14-Tidal takes Bronze at the ECP Challenge 14-Challenge Division

Gold: Club Integrity 15
Silver: Revolution 15-White
Bronze: Delta VBC 15-Teal
Notable Finish: 5th place - ECP 15-Calypso (Lehigh)

Gold: ECP 15-Rhapsody (Lehigh)
Silver: Premier Edge
Bronze: NYC Jrs
Notable Finish: 6th place - ECP 15-Cool (KOP)

Gold: Metro 15 Travel 
Silver: Pitt Elite 15-Elite
Bronze: ECP 15-Mystic (Lehigh)

15-Rhapsody wins the 15-Challenge division at ECP Challenge

15-Mystic having a great season already --winning gold at ECP Cup and Bronze at the ECP Challenge 15-Open division. Way to start ladies!

Gold: ECP 16-Scout (Bucks)
Silver: Delta VBC 16-Teal
Bronze: PVC 16-2 Regional
Notable Finish: 4th place - ECP 16-Colonial (Lehigh)

Gold: Pitt Elite 16 Premier
Silver: Loudoun Elite 16 Hybrid
Bronze: Revolution 16-White
Notable Finish: 7th place - ECP 16-Cadet (Bucks)

16-Scout wins the ECP 16-American division!

16-Battle went undefeated at the ECP Challenge - playing so well they bumped up to a higher division!

Gold: Metro 16 Travel
Silver: ECP 16-Empire (KOP)
Bronze: Revolution 16-White
Notable Finish: 5th place - ECP 16-Carolina (Lehigh)
Extra Notable Finish: 16-Battle  was undefeated 12-0 in the Challenge division, advancing to the Open Division and winning its flight -- the highest possible finish based on early seeding. It was a gold medal performance by any standard! Great job ladies!

ECP 16-Empire celebrates a point on its way to a 2nd place finish at the ECP Challenge 16-Open competition

17-Metallic played strong on day 1 of the Challenge so moved up to the Open Division on Day 2.

Gold: ECP 17-Cobalt (KOP)
Silver: Panhandle Boomers 17U
Bronze: Renaissance 17-Red

Gold: Metro Travel 17s
Silver: Team VB Rags
Bronze: ECP 17-Steel (KOP)
Notable Finish: 4th place - ECP DE 17-Granite (Delaware)

17-Cobalt wins the 17-Challenge division

ECP Delaware 17-Granite - 4th Place at the ECP Challenge

Gold: ECP 17-Iron (KOP)
Silver: Delta VBC 18-Swing
Bronze: P3R 18-Platinum
Notable Finish: 4th- ECP 17-Zinc (KOP), 5th-ECP 17-Copper (Bucks) 

Gold: Pitt Elite 18-Premier
Silver: ECP DE 18-Zircon (Delaware)
Bronze: ECP 18-Crystal (Lehigh)

Gold: ECP 18-Royal (KOP)
Silver: Paramount VBC 18
Bronze: Academy 18-Red
Notable Finish: 5th place - ECP 18-Sapphire (Lehigh)

Special shoutout to ECP 18-Topaz for a fantastic gold bracket finish at the Music City Qualifier in Nashville! What a great performance!!!

ECP 17-Iron wins the 17-18 American division

18-Topaz 5th Place Gold Bracket - Music City National Qualifier, Nashville

17-Steel finished 2nd in 17-Open competition

18-Royal - ECP Challenge 18-Open Champions