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GAV & Mayfest Tournaments

Great job by all our ECP Doubles Teams this weekend at GAV and Mayfest!

Check out below and see how your club teammates finished, as the top ECP finishers in each age group for both events!

GAV & Mayfest Tournaments!

Our end-of-the-year doubles tournaments are the highlight of the season for both players and parents!! (just ask your teammates who played last year!). Here is some more information  to help everyone prepare and have a great tournament.  All the information below can also be found on the website 


Outdoor Balls & Ball pumps -- Don't forget to bring an outdoor ball to these tournaments, make sure its marked well with your name! It's always a good idea to bring a ball pump to an outdoor tournament. It will make you very popular. 



GAV - Sand: Point Pleasant, NJ - Point Pleasant ~ Broadway Ave. & Beach

ECV Mayfest - Grass: Hanover Township Park in Lehigh Valley


Dates for Junior Doubles:

GAV/ECV: Sunday - May 20th

Check In: 

Great American Volleyball Check-in: Sunday: 8:30-9:00AM but arrive early. There are long lines!! 

Mayfest Check-in on May 20 begins at 8 a.m. and play begins at 8:45. Again, early arrival is a good idea to find parking and there will be long lines as well.



Great American Volleyball - Sand 


Mayfest/East Coast Volleyball 


Reminder: We know that if this is your first doubles tournament, it can be a little intimidating, but the doubles culture is warm and welcoming. It's okay to be nervous, but once you get to the tournament and start playing, you will find lots of helpful people and you will have a blast! 


Help if you need it: 

  • GAV: Greg Wood is your main problem solver and contact he will be at GAV check in and will be there to help throughout the day
  • Mayest:  Tournament Director Chris Ho & Tim Sledz will be there to help 

Getting Started: At check in, you will be told your net location. (there are hundreds of nets!) In most cases you will go to your net area and wait for the player meeting where officials go over the rules and hand out clip boards for each pool. Don't miss this meeting. The beginning of GAV/Mayfest can feel a little chaotic because there are so many players. 

1) check in 

2) find your net 

3) hang out and you will see your group gather for the meeting and for court assignments.  Also, be nice to the organizers! Organizing a doubles tournament is a huge undertaking and usually involves lots of volunteers who just want to spread the fun of beach and grass volleyball. The joy of doubles is that it's relaxed and fun and everyone is there to have a good time.


Coaches: You will not have a coach for this tournament. It's just you and your partner (which is great! There is no bench in doubles volleyball!!) Coaches are invited to come cheer their players on but other than that coaches have no real responsibilities on this day. 


Any Problems? If something goes wrong -- maybe you can't find your registration or you are confused, don't freak out. Find an Greg at GAV, an ECP rep or Chris Ho at Mayest, other players may even be able to help.  Remember -- All problems are small problems at a doubles tournament, so just be chill! 


Score Keeping & Reffing: Players do all the reffing and score keeping. No parents or coaches are allowed in the playing area and players make calls. Doubles play is managed by the players only. Players are honest about balls that are out or in -- and If the players disagree about a call, the best response is to just play it over. Nobody should get angry or upset. Players should always call out the score when they are serving (10 serving 8!) and keep checking with score keepers to make sure the score is right -- but again -- ONLY the player should be involved in score keeping and reffing decisions.  Parents, we ask you to sit back and enjoy watching your daughter play. Tournament organizers will eject parents who interfere with team play so relax and have fun. 


Score Keeping Gear: It's a good idea to bring extra pens, plus a beach umbrella or chairs or a towel for score keeping. Each doubles team will be asked to sit at the net and keep score and the girls will want a blanket/towel or chairs to use during their reffing time.


What to Wear:

Many girls end up playing in sports bras and spandex on grass courts or bathing suits at the beach. Some players like to create matching outfits during competition.  This is fine and we encourage creativity but please be modest. 


For Your Feet: Grass doubles players should wear sturdy tennis shoes that won't slip. Avoid running shoes with nubs on the bottom. You want stability on a grass surface. Beach players -- the sand gets hot. Usually GAV is not a very hot tournament this early in the year, but you never know. It's a good idea to buy some sand socks or bring socks just in case the sand gets hot. You can find sand socks on Amazon.


For Your Eyes: Sunglasses are an essential part of outdoor play. Do not forget to equip your player with good sunglasses. This is so important and every year someone forgets. Be a good teammate and bring a back up pair of sun glasses just in case one of your teammates forget! Beach players -- don't lose your sunglasses in the ocean!!!


For the Sun: Sunscreen is a MUST. Also consider a baseball cap or visor. You are outdoors all day for the first time in a year. Protect your skin and eyes. Please be smart about the sun. 


Long Sleeves -- Yes you can get cold at an outdoor spring tournament. Plus you may want to just cover up and protect your skin from the sun. We advise a long-sleeve shirt plus you may want to bring sweats and a sweat jacket if it's a chilly weekend. The beach especially can get windy and cold. Best to over prepare!


Tents and chairs: Parents -- talk to your teammates to coordinate outdoor tents. Sharing tents is a great idea.  Everyone will need a shelter because there is a fair amount of downtime in doubles. The girls will be tired after playing and will need shade, food and water to recover.  Bring outdoor chairs, blankets and towels and everything you need to be comfortable outdoors. Think like a camper.  Plan to meet early so you can set up your tents next to your teammates to enhance the party atmosphere.


FOOD & WATER: Bring coolers filled with ice and water and food plus lots more food and more ice and water!!! The most important rule of doubles: Your success is directly proportional to the amount and quality of the food you bring!! (Yes, this is an official rule) Make your tent the party tent. Bring great food with lots to share and celebrate your great season with the other parents and players. Bring extra chairs and blankets to welcome visitors to your tent.


GARBAGE BAGS & MISC: Don't forget to bring garbage bags to clean up your area. Handwipes and hand sanitizer also a good idea. Bandaids, bug spray, bite and sting relief, again think like a camper.


That's a lot of info but if you still have questions after reading all that feel free to email us at Best of luck and have a great day!!!